Corporate Communications

Today’s energy market is facing increased competition, making it essential to present a clear and distinctive brand to your customers.

How do you present your unique proposition? Where do you reach your target audience?

I have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry and your target audience. In addition, I also have a large network and contacts with the industry media, enabling me to provide operational or strategic assistance with your corporate communications.

How do you stand out?

Who are you, what added value do you offer and how are you different from your competitor? Everything a company communicates should present a clear and distinctive message.

Content marketing and storytelling

A company’s unique proposition is the foundation for its brand, which needs to be supported with branded content.

Branded content is the cornerstone of corporate communication. Customers do not only choose on the basis of rational arguments, but also with emotion. Branded content, therefore, should not only be correct but should also tell a story. A story that persuades your customer to choose you over your competitor.

Do you need assistance with your branded content? I am happy to help with advice or operational support.