Corporate Communications

Today’s energy market is facing strong competition, making it essential to present a clear and distinctive brand to your customers.

How do you present your unique proposition? Where do you reach your target audience?

I have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry and your target audience. In addition, I also have a large network and contacts with the industry media, enabling me to provide operational or strategic assistance with your corporate communications.

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Websites and social media

For a website in the maritime or energy industry, there are particular criteria to consider. The images need to be QHSE-approved and the texts need to reflect specific expertise and appeal to an international audience.

That is why I deliver a complete package:

  • Focus on your unique proposition
  • Clear and appealing design
  • Professional texts in English and Dutch, in the right tone-of-voice

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Internal communications

For a company in the offshore, maritime or energy industry internal communications can present their own particular challenges.

Generally, employees come from various cultures and are stationed all over the globe, often with limited access to email, internet and other communication channels.

In order to keep everyone informed and committed to the job, it takes a tailor-made communication strategy. I can provide assistance with the strategy and operational activities.

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