Internal communications

How do you create commitment?

For a company in the offshore, maritime or energy industry internal communications can present their own particular challenges.

Generally, employees come from various cultures and are stationed all over the globe, often with limited access to email, internet and other communication channels.

A tailor-made communication strategy is required to keep everyone informed and committed to the job. I can provide assistance with the strategy and operational activities.

Effective Internal Communication yields results

Research shows that organizations with both highly effective communication and change management practices are more than twice as likely to significantly outperform their peers.

A study by TowersWatson finds that the most effective change and communication organizations do the hard work of creating clear, relevant and measurable programs that drive results and create a sense of shared purpose.

Improving internal communications

A strong sense of commitment is of paramount importance for the growth of any organization.

What do your employees talk about? How does information, formal or informal, find its way through the company? Which communication channels are being used and how effective are they? Are meetings effective?

These are the questions an effective internal communication strategy can help answer.

An internal communication strategy contributes to:

  • DNA – specific characteristics of the organization
  • Target audience – who are the stakeholders?
  • Strategy, vision, mission and core values – are they clear to all employees?
  • Communication processes – channels, meetings, internal media
  • Themes – what are the thoughts and concerns of employees?